Vintage Photo Shoot

12 Aug Berryessa-photography-Wedding(36of177)

Back in May my friend Ashley of Berryessa Photography  asked me to provide some floral for a vintage wedding styled shoot she organized at Twin Willow Gardens in Snohomish.  Since it was in May, I had plenty of beautiful floral to choose from, including of course lovely Peonies and Amaryllis.  Soft muted tones of peach, coral and white were used to create the bouquets, floral crown and centerpieces.  Vintage lace was used to wrap the bouquet as well as hang down the back of the floral crown.

A table was set using vintage place settings  provided by Lisa of Vintage Dish Company.  The day started out a beautiful sunny day, but shortly after setting up, a huge rain storm came through and doused us all.    As always Ashley captured some amazing photos.

Berryessa-photography-Wedding-GWS3   Berryessa-photography-Wedding(60of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(116of177)


 Berryessa-photography-Wedding(148of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(168of177)

Berryessa-photography-Wedding(35of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(46of177) Berryessa-photography-Wedding(45of177)

Berryessa-photography-Wedding(43of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(41of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(40of177)


Berryessa-photography-Wedding(28of177) Berryessa-photography-Wedding(27of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(29of177)

Berryessa-photography-Wedding(22of177) Berryessa-photography-Wedding(16of177) Berryessa-photography-Wedding(15of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(13of177)



Peach and Plum

26 Jun Kenny-342

I have known Hana for quite a long time as she is a regular client of mine through her work.  So I was especially honored to be the one she chose to do her florals for her recent wedding.  Since the work we do together usually requires using purple flowers, I was a little surprised that she chose to go with a purple color pallet!  The best thing about working with Hana is that she is flexible and open to new ideas.  So when I suggested using a pale pallet of peach, blush and ivory to coordinate with her plum colored linens and bridesmaids dresses, she was open to the idea and gave me a lot of creative freedom.

The combination of soft colored flowers really complimented the brides beautiful dress.  By adding lavender colored roses to the bridesmaids bouquets it helped tie in the purple to coordinate with their dresses.

Kenny-318 Kenny-244

Kenny-341  Kenny-333

Kenny-107 Kenny-117

Hana wanted to have just a touch of vintage, but still compliment her modern style invitations.  I found the perfect mercury glass pedestal vases to use for the round tables and clusters of smaller mercury glass vases were used for the long tables.  Grapes were added to the larger arrangements adding the pop of purple to the arrangements.  Of course, you can never get too many candles, so I brought almost my entire supply, even creating a backdrop for the sweetheart table with varying sizes of pillar candles.

Kenny-251  Kenny-267

Kenny-261 Kenny-259

The delicious food was prepared by the wonderful team of Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering and Events.

Kenny-299 Kenny-300 Kenny-302  Kenny-290

A special note of thanks to Raquel of Raquel Leal Photography for producing these beautiful photos in record time!





My Creative Wonderland

22 Jun View More:

It is hard to believe that years ago I used to use the dining room table to sew on.  This created many problems, projects were never completed, the mess, and the hassle just to name a few.  Lucky for me, my fabulous husband has allowed me to have the space to create that many only dream of.  He is always willing to make a new table, add more shelves, and do minor additions when the ideas pop into my head.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a handyman who enjoys creating as much as I do and is always willing to humor me by making what I need.  Secretly I think he enjoys it as much as I do.

I have two reactions when people see my space.  One is something similar to overwhelmed (I totally understand it).  One guest actually said it was too overwhelming and she had to leave because it made her dizzy.  But most people really appreciate it and compare it to walking into a candy store. those are my creative friends.  But even those who aren’t creative, I would say a majority of my guest appreciate all the possibilities that await.  My one request is that no one judges me.  I have many interests, sewing, card making, soldering, and all sorts of  crafts and as you can see I have many things.

This room is my sacred space where I relax after the busy wedding season and need to rejuvenate my creative soul.   I surround myself with photos, art work from when my children were little, memories of my past, the quilt on my sewing chair was mine when I was a baby.  I am surrounded by the constant reminder of  Christmas with my ever growing collection of vintage Christmas ornaments.  It is also painted my favorite color – red.  I have thought about repainting, but then look at everything that has to be moved, and I rethink the idea!

A collection of glitter in various bottles and salt shakers sits upon a index card file filled with all types of eclectic findings.  Old vintage jewelry waiting for just he right project awaits in apothecary jars and a gum ball machine I found at the Goodwill.  Stacks upon stacks of paper is held in an old music holder salvaged from a school.  I created a unique chandelier by spray painting an ugly 70’s light fixture and attaching charms, more vintage christmas ornaments, and crystals.   Projects waiting to be finished are held in the rolling cart I found at Ikea.  Unfortunately, there are many more projects awaiting to be finished and stored in the closet which you can’t see.  The question is, can a creative persons projects ever really done?  I would like to meet them if that person exists.

I hope you enjoy my looking at creative space it as much as I enjoy having it.

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And just outside of the studio, another piece that my husband created for me.  A fold down cutting table with built in shelves for storing my paint supply.  He told me this is the prototype and each time he thinks of something better, I get the new prototype.  I love that man!  This photo was taken by me, so forgive the quality, but I wanted you to see it.  The other photos were taken by my fiend Ashley Berryessa, a great and upcoming photographer.  Thank you Ashley for the great photos of my creative wonderland.


Yellow, Navy and Gray

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I love yellow, it’s such a happy color.  I don’t think I am alone when I think of sunshine when I see yellow.  Seattle can use a lot more yellow (sunshine) during the winter months, but back in April we had a delightful streak of beautiful spring weather.   Sara and Alain travelled from London for their wedding and upon arriving were greeted with the beautiful spring weather Seattle occasionally gets blessed with.  Of course as I write this, I have on a sweater and blanket on my lap because it is freezing cold!

The wedding was held at the Canal in Ballard overlooking the Ballard Locks.  Saras bouquet consisted of soft yellow roses, white peonies, anenomes, white roses, soft cream roses, white lisianthus, seeded eucalyptus, and of course yellow crespedia (also known as billy balls).  Bridesmaids carried smaller bouquets of yellow roses, soft cream roses, white lisianthus, crespedia and succulents.  Groomsmen wore simple corsages of yellow crespedia.

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We chose to do simple centerpieces of single bud arrangements in vintage styled bottles as well as small clusters under glass cloche domes.

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The photography was done by the creative duo of Rick plus Anna.  Thank you Rick and Anna for capturing this wedding beautifully.



Woodland Themed Baby Shower

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love to throw a party.  Not only do I enjoy the gathering of friends and family, but I really love to decorate!  I rarely am able to do a gathering without doing some type of decorating.  So when our nephew and his wife announced they were having a baby, I quickly volunteered to host the party.  Risa told me they were going to decorate the nursery in a “Woodland” theme and my imagination took off.  With the help of my family (and Pinterest) we put together quite a party, if I don’t say so myself.

My oldest daughter had the wonderful idea of doing a smores bar for dessert and she came over several days prior to the party to make the marshmallows – strawberry, vanilla bean, chocolate and peanut butter.  We provided chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, strawberries and of course graham crackers for guest to create unique smores.   Although the marshmallows and smores bar was a success, the winner on the dessert pie was my mother-in-laws famous flat apple pie (it’s amazing)!

We had a great menu of pulled pork, sweet potato salad, shrimp pasta salad and of course broccoli salad (looks like little trees, of course).  In addition we had toadstools, made of cherry tomatoes and string cheese sitting in a bed of pesto, and fruit filled waffle cones (thank you Pinterest for the toadstool and fruit filled waffle cone ideas).  Beverages were served in honey bear bottles complete with birch looking paper straws.

I spent a few days making animal masks for the children who would be attending.  They could choose from owls, bears, foxes or rabbits.  It was fun watching them play with the masks throughout the afternoon.  And finally, I created a large floral design incorporating a manzanita branch with blue pacifiers hanging from the branches.

My friend Ashley Berryessa came over and took all the fabulous photos below.  Thank you Ashley for capturing this special day

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I can’t wait for a reason to throw another party.  Now that we have the yard and house in shape I may have to come up with something…



Kelsey & Dusti

22 May DK-223

There have only been a few times when I feel a little intimidated by clients, but this particular job was one of them.  One of the brides mothers is a florist and she grew up around floral all of her life and had a very definite vision of what she wanted when it came to their flowers.   The bride’s vision was eclectic and rustic and they had been collecting items and crafting elements for some time.   When I opened up the many boxes of vases and props they wanted me to use for the centerpieces I wasn’t quite sure where to start.  I knew a lot of time had been spent decorating table numbers and gathering all the pieces so it was up to me to make it all come together.  I spent the next few days spreading it all out in my living room creating “clusters” to create each centerpieces.  In the end it all came together and the brides were ecstatic!   Never before have I received a review the very next day praising my efforts!

The brides bouquets were another challenge since I didn’t want one bride to outshine the other.  I also like to have one common element to bring them both together and one of the flowers I had ordered didn’t come in as I had requested!  In the end it all worked out, as it always does – but it is hard to mess up too bad when mother nature provides us with such beautiful flowers to begin with.


DK-184  DK-186  DK-678

DK-182   DK-187

The ceremony and reception was held at the Edgewater Hotel on the Seattle Waterfront.  Two large urns filled with a large colorful arrangement and blooming curly willow branches flanked both sides of the alter area, which happened to look out at the beautiful Puget Sound.  Even when it started pouring rain, you couldn’t help but admire the lovely backdrop.  They even had large gold vinyl letters placed on the window which added another personalized element to their ceremony.


DSC_0018  DK-474 DK-766


The eclectic collection of centerpieces including birdhouses, bird cages, birds nests, perfume bottles, fairy doors, and vases of every kind!

DSC_0020 DSC_0024 DSC_0026 DSC_0027 DSC_0028 DSC_0029 DSC_0030 DSC_0032 DSC_0033 DSC_0036 DSC_0037 DSC_0038      DK-901

It was such an honor to be part of this wedding.  Such a fun couple to work with!  Photography by Jenny GG Photography – thank you Jenny for your wonderful photography!


Snowy Glam

17 Mar View More:

When we scheduled the following “Snowy Glam” photo shoot, visions of a winter wonderland with lots of snow were dancing in our heads.  Unfortunately, mother nature did not cooperate with us, instead sending us  rain, wind and icy cold temperatures.    Nonetheless, it was a wonderful time working with some  amazing vendors.   Rick+Anna Photography and Ashley Berryessa were the photographers for the day and although they had to drive some distance to find the snow, neither rain, wind or sleet, or the bitter cold stopped them from getting some amazing photographs.   A big shout out to the models who braved the elements.

Hair and make-up was done by the talented Hannah Bush from Urbanista Weddings.  It was my first time working with Hannah and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it.  I loved the dramatic look of the hair and make-up on our beautiful model.   So many great vendors participated in this event  – the gold gown – The Dress Theory, pink tulle skirt and flower girl dress – Little Dreamers Tutus, Ivory Tulle Skirt, Pink Veil and gold lace cuff – Whitney Crimefighter,  crown – Blanca Martinez, fur stole – White Stole.  Doesn’t it make you feel like you have entered Narnia for a moment?

The table was set with swoon worthy sweet treats  – golden glittery candy apples and pink cake provided by Stone Layne Baked Specialties, yummy glittery (and gluten free) cakes provided by Honey Crumb Cake Studio.  Vintage dishes from Vintage Dish Company.

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It just goes to show that winter doesn’t have to be gray and dull, but bright and elegant as well.  This photo shoot was also published in Storyboard Wedding and you can see more here –


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