Snohomish Wedding Tour

27 Jun

This spring I was asked to participate in the Snohomish Wedding Tour.  This was a great opportunity for me to meet brides and grooms planning their upcoming weddings as well as working with other wedding vendors.   Saturday was a beautiful day and the hope was that Sunday would be just as lovely when the guests arrived.  Unfortunately, it rained, but it didn’t stop the many guests as well as the spirit of the vendors.  Anna of Blue Wing Photography provided all the lovely images below.

I was lucky to participate with the group of vendors who chose to do a “Vintage” theme.  I have been wanting to do something vintage for a while so this was a great opportunity for me to be creative.  Becky McAin from Vintage Ambiance provided all the furniture and props we used for the setting.  Tables and dressers were provided for all the vendors to display their work and advertising materials.  When I arrived, I spotted a lovely turquoise dresser and crossed my fingers that it would be what I was going to use for my display which indeed it was!   I filled the dresser drawers with flowers and ribbons and placed a bouquet and all my advertising materials on top.  Sometimes it is the small details that catch peoples eyes and it amazed me how many commented on the drawer filled with flowers.

Dresser drawer filled with flowers and ribbons.

Since I had no real constraints on what to create for the bouquet other than my own imagination, I used some of my favorite colors and flowers.  I love using succulents not only for the texture they add, but also for the unique shade of aqua not available in flowers.  Succulents come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, but I loved this one with the pink tipped edges.  I also used fern curl, another of my favorites for texture.  Usually fern curl stays in a curled shape, but for some reason it spiraled on me which really added a playful feel to the bouquet and worked well with the corkscrew willow.  In addition to coral, magenta and pink colored peonies, peach spray roses, peach stock, crespedia, and eucalyptus this unique bouquet was tied with a large tiffany blue taffeta ribbon creating a unique combination of texture and spring colors.

Bridal Bouquet

For the bridal party table Becky provided vintage bottles in varying sizes, colors and shapes and placed on a burlap runner and vintage handkerchiefs.   The vintage bottles were filled with single blooms of peonies, crespedia, Queen Ann’s lace,  gerbera daisies, snapdragon, viburnum, tulips, spray roses and ranunculus.

Bridal Party table

As an artist, it is always fun to have creative freedom.  When I signed up to participate in the tour, the one thing I was asked to create was a large entrance piece.  I have to say one of my favorite things to create are large entrance pieces.  Imagine my joy when I saw this vintage display piece.  I filled it with the beautiful coral colored peonies, which had the sun been shining, would have shown a beautiful frilly yellow center.  Unfortunately the rain came and they closed up for the day, but it was still a beautiful piece.  Snapdragon, crespedia, poppy pods, hydrangea, stock and ivy filled the wire baskets to the brim and was a visual delight to the guests entering the garden.

Large entrance piece

And finally, the arbor.  To showcase the arbor, I created a piece using some calla lilies from my garden, peonies, snapdragons

Arbor decor

The garden had a gazebo we decorated with vintage glass light covers filled with flowers.  And finally, glass insulators were attached to the chairs and filled with single blooms.

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