My Obsession

27 Jan

I would like to think I have only one obsession, but the truth is – when it comes to crafts, I have many.  This particular obsession is ribbons.  It started years ago when I discovered Packaging Specialties in Seattle.  It was purely accidental – I was just driving by and thought I would stop in for a look.  Wow – little did I know this would bring upon a love for ribbon and it wouldn’t be long before the entire staff knew me by name!  I felt like I was walking through a candy store – all the colors – the textures.  Velvets, hand dyed silks, satins, grosgrains, twill, gossamer, taffeta, organdy, rayon and so much more.  I would come home with two yards of this or two yards of that – then I moved up to five yards – the next thing I knew, I was purchasing the entire role – because of course it was a better deal!  I stored my treasures in a set of drawers that used to be in my daughters room.  When I acquired my business license and was able to buy wholesale – it got worse!  I justified my purchases because I would use them in the business, and I do – really I do!  Finally, the dresser was too small and I needed more room to store my ribbon.   I needed to figure something out!

My husband and I came across some light fixture covers at the Habitat for Humanity store.  They are hard to describe, but are basically wire covers they use to cover florescent lights in buildings.  They were perfect to store my ever growing ribbon collection, and even better – they were cheap.  My wonderful husband very kindly put the covers on the wall at my request and then I started color coordinating all the ribbon.  I had to ask him to reinforce them a couple of times and put something on the end so the ribbon doesn’t fall out, but all in all, they work pretty good.  My biggest fear, however, is that some day some one is going to turn me into the “Hoarders” show.  Although, usually after I see a few minutes of that show, I am known to do a cleaning spree and I can still walk around my room without too much trouble so there is still hope for me.

This is a picture of part of my ribbon wall – I really can’t show the entire wall, but this gives you an idea.  I also have baskets that hold all the “scraps” of ribbon – the pieces I salvage of all the Christmas presents and pretty packages I receive throughout the year.   I have been known to iron the ribbon and use until it can’t be ironed any more!  I am one of those people who enjoys wrapping presents because, you know, presentation is everything!  I put some a touch of silk, or satin or whatever the package requires for the perfect presentation.  I save the little bits of the extra pretty ribbons to add “just a touch” to presents and packages.  I use bits and pieces when I make cards and of course, for bouquets and floral arrangements.



One of my other treasures is the jar which holds the hand dyed silk ribbon.  I love the silk ribbon and use it only for the most special of occasions and just a touch usually does it.  I especially love their satin ribbons – it feels so luxurious and the colors are incredible.   There are ribbons in shades of green with purple edges, pinks and yellows combined with names like Tuscany, Moon Dust, Moon Goddess, Forest Shadows, Meadow Sweet, Monet, Sea Cave, Painted Desert, Day Dreams, Celebration, and so many more.  Even Raven sounds more elegant than black.  If I could – I think I would buy every shade available, but for now, this jar will do.



And of course, who could resist glitter ribbon?  Although it does leave little bits of glitter all through the studio, I couldn’t resist when I saw it at the wholesale market.  Shades of green, pink, robins egg blue, silver and gold.  I chose the pink, green and blue – now I can have glitter all year round.  I think I will be creating something at Valentines day using this ribbon.


One day I may share a picture of my studio and although I am not able to create floral arrangements in there, it shows the other creative part of my life.  I do a little of everything; sewing, card making, sculpture, soldering and even a little jewelry making and painting.

What’s your obsession?  Do you have a unique and creative way to store all your favorite things?

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