Oh Boy!

19 Feb

Let me start by saying, I know nothing about little boys!  To be honest, they frighten me a little bit.  Since we have two girls, we were surrounded by  tea parties, dress-up days and everything girly.  I enjoyed making fancy dresses with ruffles and lace, decorating their rooms with bright colors that reflected their femininity.

So, when it comes to creating something for a boys or men, I struggle a little bit.  Once I decide on a color pallet, which alone can be difficult,  there are the other details.  If I am creating a card, it is about the embellishments, the texture of the paper, or do I use a touch of ribbon or not?  Does it look to feminine, or does it reflect the personality of the recipient?   I try to not always use blue because it is my least favorite color, but sometimes it is what works.   I have always wondered who decided that blue is a boys color and pink a girls.  I know when we had our daughters, I tired of pink rather quickly during those first few months.  My youngest daughter refuses to wear pink – I think mostly because it isn’t bright enough for her personality.  I wonder if the parents of boys feel the same way about blue?  However, if you ask a man what their favorite color is, chances are most of them will say blue!

What I think is important is how much blue you should use.  The truth is, although there are blue flowers to be found, they are inconsistent in color and hard to match to clothing if you are trying to match a bridesmaids dress.  Of course the hydrangea is the first flower most people think of when they think of blue flowers, but even they can vary in shade depending on the chemistry in the soil where they are grown.   If I have to work with a blue pallet,  I would suggest to pair it up with a bright color and use the blue minimally, or use the bright color to accent the blue dresses or decor.

For this arrangement, which was delivered to the proud parents of a new baby boy, I chose to pair the hydrangeas up with bright orange since it is so cheerful and happy.  A rustic wood box with parrot tulips, ranunculus, Voodoo roses, gerbera daisies and gladiolas in various shades of oranges paired with blue hydrangea, white lisianthus, and green hypericum berries create a cheery arrangement.



I hope the rather tired looking parents I delivered this arrangement to this morning found the orange to be cheerful and energizing!

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