Red, Yellow, Green

27 Feb

We keep waiting, waiting, and waiting, but it springtime is still eluding us.   However, if you go to the wholesale market, you can see that springtime has arrived somewhere.  Surrounded by the gray here in the Pacific Northwest, color is our friend – we need it to get through these long gray days.  When I am doing an event this time of year, I am likely to encourage my clients to bring in bright pops of color any way they can and flowers that make people feel happy when they see them.

So when I was choosing flowers for todays event, I chose bright Orange France roses, yellow gerbera daisies, yellow roses, fresh spring green mini hydrangeas and bright yellow crespedia.  Crespedia is one of my many favorites when I need to add that “pop” of yellow color.   It has amazing shape and texture and adds happiness to every arrangement I add it to.








Oval shaped arrangement with tulips, mini green hydrangeas, gerbera daisies, tulips, crespedia, Orange France roses and yellow roses.   The greens are looking brighter and the tulips keep working their way up from hibernation – all we need now is some sun!



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