29 Oct

Let me be clear, I think tropical flowers are beautiful, however, they are not really my style.  Needless to say, I was a little intimidated to take on the challenge of creating a “stunning” tropical arrangement a client recently requested.

The challenge with tropical flowers is that it really doesn’t take a lot to make an impact and my style tends to be more full.  It took me three days to  find a container as well as pick out the product to create this arrangement and on the last day I was lucky enough to find live lotus pods.  I have been wanting to work with lotus pods for some time so I was really excited when I found them.  I didn’t want to use too many “non-tropical” flowers, but in the end I chose some beautiful “Milva” roses and crocosmia to bring in more of the orange color the client requested.


Ginger, birds of paradise, lotus pods, lilies,  beehive gingers and palms created this arrangement in shades of orange and green.

Are you feeling inspired to travel somewhere tropical?  After working with these flowers, I am counting down the days for our trip to Cancun.   Now I am not quite so intimidated by tropicals.

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