My Creative Wonderland

22 Jun

It is hard to believe that years ago I used to use the dining room table to sew on.  This created many problems, projects were never completed, the mess, and the hassle just to name a few.  Lucky for me, my fabulous husband has allowed me to have the space to create that many only dream of.  He is always willing to make a new table, add more shelves, and do minor additions when the ideas pop into my head.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a handyman who enjoys creating as much as I do and is always willing to humor me by making what I need.  Secretly I think he enjoys it as much as I do.

I have two reactions when people see my space.  One is something similar to overwhelmed (I totally understand it).  One guest actually said it was too overwhelming and she had to leave because it made her dizzy.  But most people really appreciate it and compare it to walking into a candy store. those are my creative friends.  But even those who aren’t creative, I would say a majority of my guest appreciate all the possibilities that await.  My one request is that no one judges me.  I have many interests, sewing, card making, soldering, and all sorts of  crafts and as you can see I have many things.

This room is my sacred space where I relax after the busy wedding season and need to rejuvenate my creative soul.   I surround myself with photos, art work from when my children were little, memories of my past, the quilt on my sewing chair was mine when I was a baby.  I am surrounded by the constant reminder of  Christmas with my ever growing collection of vintage Christmas ornaments.  It is also painted my favorite color – red.  I have thought about repainting, but then look at everything that has to be moved, and I rethink the idea!

A collection of glitter in various bottles and salt shakers sits upon a index card file filled with all types of eclectic findings.  Old vintage jewelry waiting for just he right project awaits in apothecary jars and a gum ball machine I found at the Goodwill.  Stacks upon stacks of paper is held in an old music holder salvaged from a school.  I created a unique chandelier by spray painting an ugly 70’s light fixture and attaching charms, more vintage christmas ornaments, and crystals.   Projects waiting to be finished are held in the rolling cart I found at Ikea.  Unfortunately, there are many more projects awaiting to be finished and stored in the closet which you can’t see.  The question is, can a creative persons projects ever really done?  I would like to meet them if that person exists.

I hope you enjoy my looking at creative space it as much as I enjoy having it.

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And just outside of the studio, another piece that my husband created for me.  A fold down cutting table with built in shelves for storing my paint supply.  He told me this is the prototype and each time he thinks of something better, I get the new prototype.  I love that man!  This photo was taken by me, so forgive the quality, but I wanted you to see it.  The other photos were taken by my fiend Ashley Berryessa, a great and upcoming photographer.  Thank you Ashley for the great photos of my creative wonderland.


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