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Liz and Trevor

21 Dec

Well, here it is December and I realize just how far behind I am on all my blogging (and Christmas).  What a crazy year it has been!  I somehow or other managed to create 29 weddings this year and a bulk of them were in the month of August.  Needless to say, I may need to hire someone for 2016 just to keep up with all the blogging, paperwork and deliveries as one person can not do it alone anymore!  Thanks to all my wonderful family and friends who helped out – I could not have done it without you!

That being said, I am going to try to finally catch up and start posting some of the weddings I did this year.  However, I can’t wait to post about this wedding as it was one of the most anticipated and special weddings of the year – our daughter, Liz and her fiancé Trevor were married on November 14th!  Almost a year of anticipation and preparations went into this event and everyone contributed.  My husband created the water-color images used on the invitations as well as the frames on the tables and arbor behind the sweetheart table.  I made the bridal veil, flower girl dresses, bathrobes for the bridesmaids and lots of signage!  Our daughter, Rachel, helped with the design and assembly of the invitations and programs.  We also had a special afternoon of assembling party favors with Trevor’s mother, sister and niece.

Oh, and the desserts!  Liz made the adorable cake topper for the wedding cake which a family friend baked and decorated.  Liz and I worked on pie crusts for weeks.  Trevor and his mother, Ruth, prepared the fillings for the pies and baked dozens and dozens of cookies the day before the wedding.  Grandma Lillie and Aunt Kathleen made cookies as well and Grandma Claremay made her famous flat apple pie.  Anyone with a sweet tooth was in heaven!

Everyone of the couples I work with hold a very special place in my heart and I just love each and every client I have worked with, but of course this one was extra special in so many ways.  To start with, she is of course our beautiful, wonderful daughter who just happened to marry a really great guy (also known as Mr. Wonderful around here).  When you create the flowers for your daughters wedding they have to be the best you have ever done and then some – so the pressure was on.   Being Mother-of-the-Bride also added a  little more pressure as there were many things to do and places to be.  However, with the help of my very good friend, Nan, and my sister-in-law, Tana, once I created the mock-up of the centerpieces they took off and finished them for me so I could spend time with Liz and be there for all the festivities.  Even at last minute our friend, Carina, came over and finished the garlands the day of the wedding so we could all get ready.   Of course, I can not thank the wonderful Alissa Lawton of Maris Events enough for going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everything went smoothly the day of the wedding.  She also created the thank you notes for each guest and the table numbers!  With the help of her assistant Ellie they did all of the very detailed set-up for the wedding and reception so I could be mother of the bride.  Words can not quite express my gratitude to everyone who helped out for this event.

Liz and Trevor chose a color pallet of peach, mint green, blush, gold and silver with the feel of a Pacific Northwest winter wonderland.   Peonies, garden roses, lisianthus, ranunculus, and snowberries filled her lush bouquet.  An added touch of hand made charms with pictures of their parents wedding day were attached with ribbon and strands of miniature pearls I saved from my wedding bouquet.  The wedding was held at the beautiful Church at Fauntleroy in West Seattle and the reception was across the street at the Hall at Fauntleroy.

Although it was hard to choose the best photographs to show (because there are so many) hopefully you can get an idea of what a lovely day it was.  As always, Rick+Anna Photography did an amazing job capturing all of the details and special moments of the day.  Although it poured rain all day the team really caught some great shots.  I especially love the shot of the maid-of-honor (and sister), Rachel, escorting her sister to the first look in the pouring rain.  Liz almost fell so Rachel insisted she take off her shoes to walk in the pouring rain to see her groom!  Needless to say, she made it safely.


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Many thanks to all the wonderful people who helped make this wedding day so special for all of us, including the following amazing vendors:


Love at the Winery

11 Sep

Now that the crazy wedding rush of summer is over, I finally get a chance to share some of the many wonderful weddings I worked on this spring and summer.

On a beautiful sunny day in May Amy and Rodney were married at DeLille Cellars Chateau in Woodinville Washington.  DeLille Cellars is a venue filled with rustic charm influenced by French architecture.  The ten acre estate has beautiful gardens, ponds and alpacas peering over the fence nearby.

I loved working with Amy and Rodney creating their dream wedding.  Did I mention the most they had the most adorable ring-bearers ever?

Thank you Brittany of Blue Rose Photography for the beautiful pictures below.



AR-Wedding3-X2  AR-Wedding78-X2

AR-Wedding87-X2 AR-Wedding106-X2 AR-Wedding13-X2   AR-Wedding36-X2

AR-Wedding151-X2 AR-Wedding173-X2

AR-Wedding376-X2AR-Wedding20-X2  AR-Wedding41-X2 AR-Wedding46-X2 AR-Wedding48-X2 AR-Wedding395-X2

AR-Wedding58-X2     AR-Wedding254-X2

Wishing Amy and Rodney the very best today and always!

Other Vendors:

Kaspars Catering

BAKED custom cakes

DJ Marc from Integral DJ’s





12 May

With the approach of Memorial Day and camping season starting up, I thought this would be a great time to post about the “glamping” photo shoot I participated in back in May of 2013.   Coordinated by the fabulous ladies at Maris Events and amazing photography team of Rick+Anna Photography we were given complete freedom to run with our ideas to assist in creating the perfect “glamping” themed wedding.

I loaded up the van with just about every prop I could imagine – including a steamer trunk, all the vintage suitcases I owned as well as buckets full of colorful flowers and headed to the beautiful Natures Connection Place in Arlington, Washington.  It was a gorgeous day and we immediately started setting up the area to be a picture perfect setting for the bride and groom.

With all the greenery surrounding the area, we decided to use bright reds, oranges and pops of yellow with touches of gold to add a little bit of glamor to the outdoors.  A candelabra created using wood branches sprayed gold added a touch of elegance to the hand made wood table provided by Elpis and Wood.    Yummy desserts created by Dianne’s Delights were almost too much for us to resist during shooting, but we did our best!  That’s not to say, however, that they didn’t get eaten – we saved that for later.  The talented husband and wife team of Citlali Creativo created all the great stationery products including save the date, invitations, candle wraps, programs and even cake pop flags!

I had such fun working with so many talented and delightful vendors.  Maybe this will inspire everyone to go camping – even me!

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Photography: R+A Photography
Planner: Maris Events
Stationery: Citlali Creativo
Bakery: Dianne’s Delights
Jewelry: Greenlake Jewelry Works
Wood Furniture: Elpis and Wood
Gown: Wai Ching
Venue: Nature’s Connection
Make-up: Luxe Salon
Furniture and Props: Mad Props (from Off White Beauty)
Hair: Venia Beauty-
Men’s attire: Mens Warehouse
Videographer: Chamonix Thurston Rattue
Cocktails: Cocktails and Lifestyle
Yurt: Rainier Yurts

Snowy Glam

17 Mar

When we scheduled the following “Snowy Glam” photo shoot, visions of a winter wonderland with lots of snow were dancing in our heads.  Unfortunately, mother nature did not cooperate with us, instead sending us  rain, wind and icy cold temperatures.    Nonetheless, it was a wonderful time working with some  amazing vendors.   Rick+Anna Photography and Ashley Berryessa were the photographers for the day and although they had to drive some distance to find the snow, neither rain, wind or sleet, or the bitter cold stopped them from getting some amazing photographs.   A big shout out to the models who braved the elements.

Hair and make-up was done by the talented Hannah Bush from Urbanista Weddings.  It was my first time working with Hannah and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it.  I loved the dramatic look of the hair and make-up on our beautiful model.   So many great vendors participated in this event  – the gold gown – The Dress Theory, pink tulle skirt and flower girl dress – Little Dreamers Tutus, Ivory Tulle Skirt, Pink Veil and gold lace cuff – Whitney Crimefighter,  crown – Blanca Martinez, fur stole – White Stole.  Doesn’t it make you feel like you have entered Narnia for a moment?

The table was set with swoon worthy sweet treats  – golden glittery candy apples and pink cake provided by Stone Layne Baked Specialties, yummy glittery (and gluten free) cakes provided by Honey Crumb Cake Studio.  Vintage dishes from Vintage Dish Company.

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It just goes to show that winter doesn’t have to be gray and dull, but bright and elegant as well.  This photo shoot was also published in Storyboard Wedding and you can see more here –

Photo Shoot

26 Feb

Not long ago, I was admiring photos on a wedding blog.   I am one of those people who like to read the comments to see how people react to the pictures.  The one comment that really stuck out to me was the reader who mentioned how she disliked stylized photo shoots and that seeing a “real” wedding was preferable to her.   Although I do understand her comments from the point of view of a prospective bride, for me and I suspect other vendors, they are a really great way to express our creativity with very few, if any, limitations!  I have participated in three photo shoots so far and loved every minute of it.  They are a lot of work – no doubt about it, but when you work with a great group of vendors as I have it makes it all worthwhile.

Recently the amazing team of Rick+Anna Photography and Ashley Berryessa selected senior girls from the local high schools to participate in a photo shoot.  The girls met at the Feather Ballroom in Snohomish where a wonderful dessert buffet was provided for them by Hey-Sweets, Rick and Anna provided goodie bags filled with wonderful surprises,  hair and make-up was done by Urbanista Weddings, Hana Mazur and clothing was stylized by Sara Dylan with clothes provided by JoyWorks, D’Marie Vintage and Jaydens Room.  The morning was spent being pampered having their hair and make-up done and getting to know each other.  They were later surprised by a limo ride which took them to the Snohomish Antique Rose Farm for their photos.

My responsibility in all this was to provide floral crowns and some floral to be placed throughout the photo shoot.  When I arrived at the rose farm I immediately set to work creating the atmosphere for the girls.  The first theme was “Pretty in Pink” .  I gathered tables, chairs, and anything I thought would work from around the barn and started working to create a tea party set-up.  After creating the space for the Pretty in Pink shoot, I moved out to the field to create “Boho Chic”.  Although it was cold, I was so busy moving around, I didn’t notice.  Below are some of the photos, starting with “Pretty in Pink”.

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The girls then changed clothes and went to the Boho Chic space wearing their unique floral crowns.  I mentioned before how much I enjoy doing floral crowns and these were no exception.  I used blackberries, celosia, scabiosa pods, garden roses and succulents attached to curly willow branches forming the crown.  Each of the three crowns were different and it amazed me how they well they fit the personality of each model.

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Rustic brass containers and vintage bottles held arrangements of garden roses, celosia, anenome, blackberries, fern curl, scabiosa pods and ferns.

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I hope the girls had as much fun as I did.  Thank you Rick+Anna Photography and all the wonderful team of vendors who included me in this day.

Green and White

25 Jun

I can’t believe it is already June and the long awaited summer has finally arrived here in the Pacific Northwest.  Granted, it is hit and miss – I think we were spoiled by the wonderful May we had and now that we are seeing the rain again we are whining about it!  I bring this up because when I was working on this wedding (out in my driveway, under my tent) I battled a crazy hail storm with high gusts of wind, which, since I had not been able to tie down the tent, forced me to stand out in the elements while holding the tent and praying it wouldn’t fly away on me!  It’s moments like this that I realize being a home based operation can sometimes be a challenge.

This wedding was back in March and  the colors were green and white with accents of gold.  When I first met the bride it was only three weeks prior to her wedding, so we had to scramble and get things figured out.  Since budget didn’t  permit us to do large arrangements on every table,  we alternated with clusters of candles placed on gold chargers surrounded by small votives.  Since she loved candles as well, the balance was overall very pleasing.    The wedding was held at Pickering Barn in Issaquah which is an old dairy barn converted into a great event space.  The room is long and high ceilings so the tall arrangements complimented  the space.

The brides bouquet was made using white roses, pale green roses, mini green hydrangea, white hydrangea, green parrot tulips, white ranunculus, green ranunculus,white lisianthus, green hypericum berries, white freesia and maidenhair fern.



Centerpieces consisting of the same flowers with the addition of Bells of Ireland.





As always, my wonderful friends Meredith and Alissa of Maris Events did a wonderful job bringing everything together and making things run smoothly.

Welcome 2013!

4 Jan

Happy New Year!   Over the holiday season many young couples announced their engagements to their friends and family and are now looking at attending one of the many bridal shows happening throughout early spring.  My daughter had eight of her friends announce their engagement at Christmas!

Maris Events is participating in the Northwest Bridal Show at Tulalip Resort and Casino this weekend and asked me to prepare some floral arrangements for their “Burlap and Lace” themed booth.  Long time friends Meredith and Alissa are Maris Events, a wonderful team of event coordinators located in the Seattle area who I had the pleasure of working with for the Wedding Preview Event  in October.

Ballet slipper pink, pale gold, white, cream, gray and pops of soft green were the colors I was asked to work with and, as luck would have it, they had a terrific selection at the wholesale market when I went in.  I was very pleased to see the beautiful garden rose “Caramel Antique” when I arrived.  I love this garden rose because of its pale gold color and it is a nice change from the brighter yellows.  As well as the Caramel Antique rose, I used “Geraldine” a lovely pink rose with a high bloom count and ruffled edges that have a very slight touch of pale green.   I frequently use succulents since they often provide the perfect color which may be difficult to find in flowers.  Succulents come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and textures, some almost velvet like in texture – spindly, twisty, small, large, green, blue, gray, green with plum colored edges and much more.   One of these days I will create a bouquet entirely of succulents!

I was also lucky to find the Berzilla berries, a wonderful touch of gray that is usually found in the late fall, early winter.    Berzilla berries are now being seen at the market in apple green and much smaller so I very pleased to find them.  As well as the Berzilla berries, Dusty Miller around the base also added a nice touch of gray.



“Caramel Antique”




Here’s hoping your new year is filled with much joy and happiness.  I, for one, can’t wait for the fun to begin!

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