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Vintage Photo Shoot

12 Aug

Back in May my friend Ashley of Berryessa Photography  asked me to provide some floral for a vintage wedding styled shoot she organized at Twin Willow Gardens in Snohomish.  Since it was in May, I had plenty of beautiful floral to choose from, including of course lovely Peonies and Amaryllis.  Soft muted tones of peach, coral and white were used to create the bouquets, floral crown and centerpieces.  Vintage lace was used to wrap the bouquet as well as hang down the back of the floral crown.

A table was set using vintage place settings  provided by Lisa of Vintage Dish Company.  The day started out a beautiful sunny day, but shortly after setting up, a huge rain storm came through and doused us all.    As always Ashley captured some amazing photos.

Berryessa-photography-Wedding-GWS3   Berryessa-photography-Wedding(60of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(116of177)


 Berryessa-photography-Wedding(148of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(168of177)

Berryessa-photography-Wedding(35of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(46of177) Berryessa-photography-Wedding(45of177)

Berryessa-photography-Wedding(43of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(41of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(40of177)


Berryessa-photography-Wedding(28of177) Berryessa-photography-Wedding(27of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(29of177)

Berryessa-photography-Wedding(22of177) Berryessa-photography-Wedding(16of177) Berryessa-photography-Wedding(15of177)  Berryessa-photography-Wedding(13of177)




Photo Shoot

26 Feb

Not long ago, I was admiring photos on a wedding blog.   I am one of those people who like to read the comments to see how people react to the pictures.  The one comment that really stuck out to me was the reader who mentioned how she disliked stylized photo shoots and that seeing a “real” wedding was preferable to her.   Although I do understand her comments from the point of view of a prospective bride, for me and I suspect other vendors, they are a really great way to express our creativity with very few, if any, limitations!  I have participated in three photo shoots so far and loved every minute of it.  They are a lot of work – no doubt about it, but when you work with a great group of vendors as I have it makes it all worthwhile.

Recently the amazing team of Rick+Anna Photography and Ashley Berryessa selected senior girls from the local high schools to participate in a photo shoot.  The girls met at the Feather Ballroom in Snohomish where a wonderful dessert buffet was provided for them by Hey-Sweets, Rick and Anna provided goodie bags filled with wonderful surprises,  hair and make-up was done by Urbanista Weddings, Hana Mazur and clothing was stylized by Sara Dylan with clothes provided by JoyWorks, D’Marie Vintage and Jaydens Room.  The morning was spent being pampered having their hair and make-up done and getting to know each other.  They were later surprised by a limo ride which took them to the Snohomish Antique Rose Farm for their photos.

My responsibility in all this was to provide floral crowns and some floral to be placed throughout the photo shoot.  When I arrived at the rose farm I immediately set to work creating the atmosphere for the girls.  The first theme was “Pretty in Pink” .  I gathered tables, chairs, and anything I thought would work from around the barn and started working to create a tea party set-up.  After creating the space for the Pretty in Pink shoot, I moved out to the field to create “Boho Chic”.  Although it was cold, I was so busy moving around, I didn’t notice.  Below are some of the photos, starting with “Pretty in Pink”.

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The girls then changed clothes and went to the Boho Chic space wearing their unique floral crowns.  I mentioned before how much I enjoy doing floral crowns and these were no exception.  I used blackberries, celosia, scabiosa pods, garden roses and succulents attached to curly willow branches forming the crown.  Each of the three crowns were different and it amazed me how they well they fit the personality of each model.

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Rustic brass containers and vintage bottles held arrangements of garden roses, celosia, anenome, blackberries, fern curl, scabiosa pods and ferns.

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I hope the girls had as much fun as I did.  Thank you Rick+Anna Photography and all the wonderful team of vendors who included me in this day.


11 Aug

Let’s talk headpieces.  In 1986 when I was married, I wore a floral wreath.  Yes, it was silk flowers, but I really thought it was beautiful and truth is, I felt beautiful that day.  My floral wreath had peach silk flowers, dried baby’s breath lots of tiny pearls around the edge and tule, ribbon and strands of tiny pearls hanging down the back.  I still love to look at pictures of it and remember that memorable day when for just one day I truly felt like a queen.  The irony here, of course, is that now days I wouldn’t dream of doing anything with silk flowers, but remember, it was the 80’s!

Recently I was asked to create a floral crown for Taylor to wear for her senior photo shoot.  When Rick and Anna of R&A Photography asked  me to do this floral crown, I have to admit, I was a little nervous.  Once I stared though, it was hard to stop!  This particular crown had peach garden rose, white spray roses, blackberries, scabosia pods, succulents and local garden flowers.  To form the head band I used curly willow.  I love how Rick and Anna captured the natural beauty of Taylor, yet created a mystical feel to the images as well.

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Not long after I created this headpiece, a bride asked me to create headbands for her flower girls.  I was inspired by Taylor’s headpiece by using the curly willow but keeping the floral to a minimum for the young girls.   The willow had leaf buds forming and added to the innocence.   I haven’t received the professional photographs yet, but these are the photos I was able to take prior to the wedding.  I used small spray roses, succulents, scabosia pods, dusty miller and eucalyptus.  I added organza and satin ribbons hanging in various lengths down the back.


This was one of my first headpieces which was for our nephews wedding last summer.  Again, I used succulents, small spray roses, and lots of ribbon in the back.


But, now you must be curious, this is the headpiece I wore when I was married back in 1986.  Notice the big hair…



Headpieces have been worn for many years and come in many different shapes and sizes.   What is important is you find the look and feel for your wedding whether it is a veil, crown or headpiece and what makes you feel comfortable.


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