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Peach and Plum

26 Jun

I have known Hana for quite a long time as she is a regular client of mine through her work.  So I was especially honored to be the one she chose to do her florals for her recent wedding.  Since the work we do together usually requires using purple flowers, I was a little surprised that she chose to go with a purple color pallet!  The best thing about working with Hana is that she is flexible and open to new ideas.  So when I suggested using a pale pallet of peach, blush and ivory to coordinate with her plum colored linens and bridesmaids dresses, she was open to the idea and gave me a lot of creative freedom.

The combination of soft colored flowers really complimented the brides beautiful dress.  By adding lavender colored roses to the bridesmaids bouquets it helped tie in the purple to coordinate with their dresses.

Kenny-318 Kenny-244

Kenny-341  Kenny-333

Kenny-107 Kenny-117

Hana wanted to have just a touch of vintage, but still compliment her modern style invitations.  I found the perfect mercury glass pedestal vases to use for the round tables and clusters of smaller mercury glass vases were used for the long tables.  Grapes were added to the larger arrangements adding the pop of purple to the arrangements.  Of course, you can never get too many candles, so I brought almost my entire supply, even creating a backdrop for the sweetheart table with varying sizes of pillar candles.

Kenny-251  Kenny-267

Kenny-261 Kenny-259

The delicious food was prepared by the wonderful team of Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering and Events.

Kenny-299 Kenny-300 Kenny-302  Kenny-290

A special note of thanks to Raquel of Raquel Leal Photography for producing these beautiful photos in record time!






Michelle and Matt

21 Oct

It seems like forever since I last made an entry on my blog.  I’ve really come to admire those who are able to do it daily, or even weekly.  I  started out thinking I would do it every Monday but now find that is practically impossible for me.    I am finding that one of the hardest parts about doing a blog is having photos that are the quality you want to showcase your work.  Unfortunately for me, I haven’t had the time to better my photography skills or tackle Photoshop.    Thank goodness I can rely on the professionals like Dana Pleasant to provide me with the beautiful photographs that follow.  Thank you Dana!

Michelle and Matt were married at the Hall at Fauntleroy August 25th.  When I met Michelle and Matt for the first time, she wasn’t quite sure what direction she wanted to go in when with her floral arrangements.  I took her to the wholesale market and walked her through several options.  She started by choosing what she liked in her color pallet and floral preferences.   We began to work with her selections adding to it and sometimes eliminating things that weren’t working.   What she ended up choosing was a beautiful combination of colors and textures creating a unique bouquet filled with red, lavender and white roses, “Picasso” and “Schwartz” calla lilies, dahlias, succulents, blackberries, fern curl, ornamental kale, eucalyptus, and ferns.

M  M portraits-80

Bridesmaids carried smaller versions of the brides bouquet without the Picasso calla lilies and white roses.

M  M portraits-42

The groom wore a single stem “Picasso” calla lily with touches of eucalyptus and blackberries.

M  M getting ready-64

M  M portraits-132

The garden at the Hall at Fauntleroy is a beautiful area surrounded by tall trees and natural garden elements.  Recently they built a beautiful new arbor which, although it doesn’t need much, allows for floral and event designers a nice tool to add a little extra to the ceremony area.  Using purple ribbon, I hung vases filled with clusters of flowers from the arbor to give their ceremony area a little extra added color.   I tied the same style of arrangement from shepherds hooks leading down the aisle.  After the ceremony these arrangements were moved into the reception area and placed on wood discs covered with moss and used as centerpieces.  The remaining tables had clusters of vintage style bottles with simple arrangements placed on wood discs as well.  Matt is an arborist and he cut the wood discs which made the centerpieces even more special.

M  M getting ready-73

M  M getting ready-78

M  M getting ready-92

M  M getting ready-93

It just goes to show you that you don’t have to do huge floral arrangements to have a nice impact.  Sometimes it’s the little details that make the arrangements work, like the touches of moss and various sizes of bottles used.  Nature provides us a beautiful floral bounty in August, but I think what made these arrangements so unique was the use of the unique textures such as the succulents, blackberries and eucalyptus.


11 Mar

A Princess Brides is wonderful full service bridal salon located in the Country Village shopping center in Bothell, Washington.   Last Tuesday they contacted me and asked if I would participate in their  annual Vendor Showcase by providing flowers and a couple of bouquets.   The showcase was Saturday!

One of the advantages of not having a lot of time to  plan an event, no matter how large or small, is there isn’t a lot of time to over think what you are going to do.  You have to go to the market and hope there is something suitable to work with given your guidelines – which in this case – were blush and pink and trust your skills.

Luck was on my side when I came across the beautiful blush colored roses “Amelia” as well as a champagne colored rose “quicksand”.  I may have normally passed these roses up because alone they aren’t stunning, but when I paired them together with beautiful pink garden roses, soft cream roses, white lisianthus, silver brunia berries, seeded eucalyptus and dusty miller foliage.  To be honest, I was a little worried that what I had chosen wasn’t going to make a great impression and it took a couple of tries to get it right, but when the bouquet and floral arrangement were completed, I couldn’t have been  happier.  This color combination would be perfect for a vintage wedding.



In addition to unique roses, I tried something different with the ribbon.  I went through my ribbon collection and found some lovely hand dyed pink silk, blush organza, champagne, silver and soft white pleated ribbons draping them from a rhinestone brooch.



Close up of ribbons and brooch



I love the softness of the hand dyed silk combined with the texture of the white pleated ribbon.  Next time I do this, however, I think I will make the draping a little longer, but overall I think it was unique and a nice change from the standard wrappings on bouquets.

For the centerpieces I added white hydrangea and spiral eucalyptus to the arrangement and placed it on a tall vase with hanging crystals.  I couldn’t believe how well the arrangement looked on the blush linens and the aqua drapery behind the table.  Considering I hadn’t seen it before my arrival, I was very pleased as to how well it all came together.


For the second bouquet I kept it simple with white roses, white lisianthus and silver brunia berries.  Of course I had to add a little something extra, so I added rhinestone pins on the ribbon wrapped stems.



I wish I could have seen the brides faces as they tried on gowns and held the bouquets.  I hope all who attended the Vendor Showcase had a great time.



9 Mar

Lavender is one of those colors that sometimes makes me think of little old ladies and lace.  I don’t know why, maybe because I had an aunt who’s house was painted lavender and everything inside was purple.  Whatever the reason, it is one of those colors that, in my opinion, needs a bright color partner to not look “old”.

I was lucky enough to find some beautiful dark purple “Schwartz” calla lilies and fern curl, that when paired with the bright spring green of viburnum and orchids really gives the lavender “cool water” roses a little more pizzaz.



I love the added dimension and playfulness fern curl adds to every arrangement.  Although they are delicate and can break easily, they are an elements that adds that extra touch of uniqueness to florals.



In addition to the fern curl and purple calla lilies, the purple artichoke adds yet another dimension to the arrangements.  I couldn’t pass up the dusty miller to put around the edges of the arrangement to tie it all together.

Now, don’t get me wrong, lavender isn’t a bad color and often works well with vintage florals.  I think the trick is always what you pair it with.  Lavender can be a chameleon color in that it will take on a different dimension depending on what is next to it.

According to the research I did on the color lavender, it has several meanings; love at first sight, enchantment and deep love as well as feminine beauty which represent grace, elegance and refinement.  However, apparently if you give the gift of a lavender plant or flower it means distrust.  See what I mean about a chameleon – even its definition varies!


Purple…. again!

5 Mar

I may have mentioned before, but last summer was my “purple” summer.   Purple, purple, purple…..  Consequently I was a little tired of purple by the end of the season and my creative tank felt like it was running on empty.

When I was at the wholesale market the other day and saw these beautiful purple hydrangeas, I had to have them!   Even though they were extremely expensive – seven dollars a stem – they were so stunning I knew they would make a huge impact however I chose to use them.   In addition to the hydrangeas, the purple lisianthus and purple tulips were also too gorgeous to pass up.  I could have easily added yellow to these arrangements, since the project was for the University of Washington, but it just couldn’t embrace it.  It was obvious to add white, but what other color could I use?   Then I saw the bright green spider mums I knew it would be the third color I would be working with.

What is color blocking?  Color blocking is a technique in which a mass quantity of color is used to create a dramatic or eye catching effect.  In the fashion industry, they use opposites on the color wheel to make a bold statement.   With flowers you don’t have to use the opposite side of the color wheel to make an impact, you can use bold groupings of contrasting or complimentary color depending on the effect you want or even the same color in varying shades and textures.  The other beauty of color blocking is that you can make a bold statement on a limited of budget.

In these arrangements the bold concentration of the purple, green and white draws attention to the flowers, while the assorted textures created depth and interest.



Sometimes the flowers I consider ordinary – mums, carnations really deserve a closer look.  Look at the texture and color of this spider mum.  Although this is not one of my favorite flowers to work with, mostly because it is so delicate and tends to loose its petals rather easily, you have to admit – the color is stunning.


The texture and color of these lisianthus is pretty amazing as well.  I especially love the few with tinges of purple around the edge.


I really wish I could do these hydrangeas justice, but you have to look at them closely to appreciate their uniqueness.


And the tulips – need I say more?


If every time I went to the market the hydrangeas looked like this, I might embrace purple a little more.  But hydrangeas go through many changes and this is one of many I am sure you will see in the season to come.


1 Mar

Well, it continues to be gray and rainy here in the Pacific Northwest and I am constantly looking for those signs of spring.  The weatherman promises sunshine… eventually!  Until then I am working with bright colors whenever I can.   The other day I received a call asking to create a bouquet for woman’s birthday.  The wholesale market was a little picked over, but I couldn’t resist the bright purple lisianthus, yellow football mums, hot pink tulips, orange gerbera daisies and bright green hypericum berries.



After driving through the misty rain to make this delivery I know the birthday girl enjoyed her bright bit of cheer she found on her doorstep.  A rainbow at the end of the day?

In Memory

5 Jan

In memory of Clifford Dean – one of the best neighbors you could ever ask for.  You will be missed greatly.







Creme De Le Creme


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